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Alfa-Crew is your key point to get provide qualified and reliable service in hire and adjacent areas of crewing. We provide:

Psychological Service:

  • Psychological consultations;
  • Ericsson hypnosis - Psychological consultations;
  • Psychological assessment of seafarer;
  • Psychological assessment of seafarer - TESTS;


  • Professional interview of marine personnel;
  • Local reference check with major Crewing Agencies in Russia and ex USSR;
  • Contacts on behalf;
  • Pre-departure briefing.


  • Training:
    • Team building;
    • Management styles;
    • Maritime Resource Management.
    IT solutions:
    • On-line DataBase development as per customer requirements;
    • Subscriprion to on-line DataBase;
    • Maintanance of IT resources.
  • Working Gear delivery service

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