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We are a fully licensed Ukrainian recruitment company not limited to seagoing personnel.
Through our affiliated German company (D-Schifffahrts GmbH, Seevetal), we offer full crew management services (not limited to Ukrainian seafarers) to Shipping companies in Germany and globally.
We are a young company but our Staff has considerable experience in the ship management industry.
We have professional experience in manning and managing of following ships types:

  • Coaster;
  • GC and MPP vesssels of varying sizes;
  • Container ships up to 8000 TEU;
  • RoRo ships in varying sizes including car carriers;
  • Bulkcarriers up to Panmax including;
  • Crude carriers up to Panmax;
  • Chemical tankers (including IMO 2 parcel tankers);
  • Asphalt tankers;
  • Offshore : AHTS up to 120 ts BP, Oceangoing Tugs, Salvage Tugs, Sheerlegs;
  • Shipbuilding and repair gangs;
  • Pax vessel crew;
  • Hotel Staff and catering Staff for Pax vessels.


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